Cruelty is the point: A Trump ghoul brags about entrapping homeless people

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“So I always keep this fake Hollywood money in my car, so when a homeless person asks for money, and I give them like a $5 bill, I feel good about myself, they feel good,” said McEntee, also a senior advisor to Project 2025. “And then when they go to use it, they get arrested, so I’m actually helping to clean up the community and get them off the street.”

So… you’re the criminal trying to pass counterfeit money. You realize how this makes you the criminal, right?


No, no he doesn’t.


More importantly, he doesn’t care. At all.


Hopefully the Secret Service cares and has already archived his confession. From 18 US Code Chapter 25:

Whoever buys, sells, exchanges, transfers, receives, or delivers any false, forged, counterfeited, or altered obligation or other security of the United States, with the intent that the same be passed, published, or used as true and genuine, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.

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I have only seen video of McEntee claiming he did this, not of him actually doing it. Is there any? Running his mouth is not likely to land him in court, it’s not near enough evidence.*

Nor is the alleged homeless person likely to wind up in court, if they spend it in good faith that it’s real. Stores don’t check small bills much. Banks do, and if the store doesn’t send the fiver out in somebody’s change, it’s the store that winds up eating the loss.

  • Meanwhile the Right loves them a story that shits on homeless people and pwns libs, and that’s where the mileage is. No names, no dates, no evidence, no matter. I’ve been seeing that pattern for years.

It could still earn him a chat with the Secret Service even if they end up concluding he was talking out his ass.


“…brags about distributing counterfeit money.” he’s bragging online about committing a felony, no?


So nice of this guy to publicly confess his felony counterfeiting operation. I hope the Secret Service has some choice words and a nice cell for him.


Does anyone know if the investigative branch of the USSS is as MAGA-compromised as the protection branch?

Because federal law enforcement has always been very reluctant to go after targets that aren’t black, brown, or liberal.


“But I’m white. And rich. How can I be the criminal? It’s obviously these poor, probably brown people who are the criminals. Sheesh, you liberals are so dumb. You don’t understand the first thing about crime.”


This is my not-surprised face. This is vile, my only revelation is that I didn’t think that 45’s fans were smart enough to commit such crimes. The blatant fact that this action is disgusting, repellent, and shameful, is not a surprise to me, as the Former President’s supporters have shown that there is no lower limit to their lack of morality. On reaching the “bottom of the barrel”, they will dig.


As the one who counts the money where I work, yeah, trying to spend a fake $5 bill isn’t going to get anyone arrested. We routinely check bills of $50 or over with a counterfeit pen but even if one of those doesn’t check out, it’s not as though we detain the person and call the cops. The whole “get them off the street” angle is a sadistic fantasy conjured up by a right wing goon who went straight from college athletics to Fox News to the Trump campaign without ever once being exposed to the real world, let alone a retail job.

ETA: Weirdly enough, the only counterfeit money I’ve come across while counting is a movie prop dollar bill with some text scratched off in an attempt to make it less obvious, and a counterfeit dime, for which I honestly have no explanation.


They should look at his “Hollywood money”. I suspect real prop money only looks good on film, but wouldn’t pass even a quick glance.


Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.
–Jesus (Matthew 5:41)


A reminder, there was a whole thing a few years ago where a guy was murdered when he was accused of using a fake 20.
As stated elsewhere here, Hollywood bills aren’t good counterfeits. I’d guess most of the people he passes these to recognize they’re fake and hopefully throw a few curses at him, ruin that “good feeling” he says he’s getting. But he’s just assuming everyone but him is stupid.


I was thinking about what crime this might be. I doubt if the homeless people could be charged, actually, unless they realize the money is fake and try to spend it anyway. In order to be convicted of using counterfeit money, you have to knowingly use counterfeit money. So the homeless people are likely off the hook, as long as they don’t try to use the money after realizing it’s fake. This asshole, on the other hand, has knowingly distributed counterfeit money, and that is a crime itself. And then, if any of the people he gave the money to do realize it’s counterfeit, and still try to use it, this asshole will also be on the hook for conspiracy. All of this leads me to the conclusion that he’s full of shit, and he hasn’t done this at all.


My hope would be that they check his commute, see if there’s some panhandlers who target an intersection on his route, see where they shop, and then see where that shop banks. As homeless people may not get around much, might stay very local. I am not a forensics person, and the contents of this comment may be unworkable wishful thinking.


With this gentleman, I wouldn’t assume that it was prop money. Perhaps “real” counterfeits?


Still amazes me Trump has any support. He’s the literal dregs of the human race, If you combined every negative personality trait and compressed it into an orange human shape, you’d get 99% Trump…

I kinda miss the theme of the film Idiocracy. The president there was an actual idiot, but he was still trying to improve things (just with the stupidity hurdle), a person like Trump is a pure personal greed (zero wish to improve things) plus incompetence combo…