Trump 'body man' John McEntee abruptly fired, escorted from White House for 'security reasons'


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Can we just state unequivocally that EVERYONE in trump’s administration is a security risk?


I wonder if he was supposed to forge trump’s signature on the Stormy document.


I hope someone runs the numbers to find out whether the number of people Trump fired from his administration is now higher than the number of people he fired as host of “The Apprentice.”


He was removed because everyone left in the White House was the security risk to everyone on the outside of it.


WSJ is reporting that the “unspecified security reasons” are that Kelly wouldn’t give him a security clearance, which I imagine would make his role as Trump’s right-hand-man sort of useless.


People joke about Mueller scooping up Tillerson, now that Tillerson has been fired. Scooping up McEntee seems much more likely.

Looks like Trump has dangled a carrot in the form of a roll in the 2020 campaign for McEntee. That may be weak medicine when it comes to ensuring loyalty.


This is not normal.

True, but 30% of the American electorate wanted “abnormal” even if they hurt themselves in the process, and they got it.

I don’t feel sorry for any of the people who are getting fired from or leaving the regime. Unlike the marks in the conservative base, they all understood the nature of the narcissistic and grifting monster they got into bed with.


At what point does Trump, having fired everyone, fire the rug and wall paper?


Trump spent years being a TV show host whose shtick was firing people. Now that he has been elected to a real job, all he seems to know how to do is fire people. But don’t worry, he’s not senile, he has a certificate from his pet doctor that says he’s not obese and fully in possession of all his facilities.


First time I ever saw someone so goddamn proud to pass a basic senility test.


But I thought “serious financial crimes” were a job requirement in this White House.


He could continue to make sure Trump has markers and that his clocks are set right.


I do hope he didn’t go and do the nasty with Millennium, or what evs her name is.


That this even has to differentiated is cause for concern.


Remember, this is not a normal White House.

The guy probably saved money somewhere rather than spending it on a Trump-owned company. Maybe he bought a pack of normal biros from Amazon instead of buying the Trump Gold Contract Signing Pen for $999 a piece (ink not included)?


1 - He wasn’t just fired, he was physically escorted out of the building by Secret Service agents, without even being allowed to first collect his personal belongings, or even his jacket. This is very different from being fired.

2 - Since when does Homeland Security investigate financial crimes? These crimes must be more than merely financial for DHS to be involved.


Yet not bad enough for him to go to work on the campaign trail. You know, because, deplorable.


Eh, I’ve known that to happen to other people. They get their stuff back later, but they want to make sure you aren’t sneaking out something on a thumb drive. Especially people who have access to things like client ecommerce sites. One disgruntled employee can take down multiple sites through mass deletion.


If that were the case, I’m not sure you would escort him immediately from the white house and not even let him take his jacket.