Trump 'body man' John McEntee abruptly fired, escorted from White House for 'security reasons'


Yes, that’s how nameless cogs get fired from large corporations. That’s not how it usually goes when you’re the longtime personal aide to the President of the United States.


I don’t think place of employment matters, what matters is the nature of the offense. Because we don’t know we can only speculate, and considering he is the aide to the president it does absolutely make sense he’d be escorted out. If he worked at McDonalds it wouldn’t.


I wonder if the “body man” knows where the bodies are buried?


Shakey shakey Magic 8-Ball

“All signs point to Trump is just now catching onto how utterly screwed he is, and is trying to clean house waaaaaaaayyyyy too late, and without any clear understanding of who to get rid of to save his skin, basically a total panic move by a man who feels the jaws of the trap on his fat, pallid ankle”.

Huh. That’s a very oddly specific Magic 8-Ball reading.


I see Jim beat me to it: I am also very interested in seeing if Mr McEntee’s ‘Agent Orange’ signature matched ‘Mr Dennison’s’ missing signature on the Stormy Daniels payoff NDA… errrr wait a second. And isn’t it a bit of a tell that her alias is Peggy Peterson? PP? Peggy? I mean c’mon!

Best evidence yet that we are living in a cheap cut-rate simulation… real nature couldn’t come up with this bullsh!t.


To answer the question, “What kind of financial crimes get investigated by the Department of Homeland Security?”, and this is just one example (there’s probably more): Homeland Security helps enforce Patriot Act Regulations against laundering money/channelling money to “individuals and companies owned or controlled by, or acting for or on behalf of, targeted countries [read: “axis of evil”]. It also lists individuals, groups, and entities, such as terrorists and narcotics traffickers designated under programs that are not country-specific.” I highly doubt that McEntee was trying to invest in businesses in Iran or fund Aum Shinrikyo or whatever, but it’s just an example of Homeland Security involvement in financial stuff.


Fifty Shades of Orange


He’ll never fire his rug. I think it’s fused to his scalp. Like the Venom symbiote.


Even lowly Sebastian Gorka got to collect his things when it was his time to go…


Just chiming in to point out that both NK and Russia are on the targeted countries list.

And I would be utterly unsurprised to find out that NK handles a portion of Russia’s money laundering - they’re basically a financial black box, probably abused by both Russian and Chinese interests, as well as a number of organized crime bodies.

So, not at all shocked that Trump is trying to lean on them to get a quick reputation boost, as if that’s going to save his sorry ass.


One night in March 1929, Long called up the warden of the “Alcatraz of the South,” Angola State Prison, and ordered him to send a number of convicts (reports range from 30 to 100) to Baton Rouge. Huey personally led the chain gang down from the Capitol to the mansion and watched them tear it down. “The job was done fast. The upper classes were horrified—the old house that had harbored great governors was gone and great traditions gone with it, torn down by jailbirds!” wrote Williams. The riches of the old mansion—the china, silverware, and antique furnishings—vanished. Later, reports historian Richard D. White in his recent biography Kingfish, the sergeant-at-arms of the House would testify that as far as the silver, it ended up engraved with “Huey P. Long” and was sent off to Shreveport.



No mention of his shitty show, but a good approximation


From the Wahington Post:

Also Tuesday, the Trump campaign announced that Katrina Pierson, who served as the campaign’s 2016 national spokeswoman, will rejoin the effort as a senior adviser.

Well that’s just fucking great.



Note to self: be careful what you wish for


you’re like some sort of sick, twisted prophet of doom or something


I heard on his job application form, in a box marked “DO NOT WRITE HERE,” he wrote, “OK.”


He probably ripped the tag off his mattress.


Its high time we return to frequent use of “Dumpster Fire”.


He never should have stolen those fries from Donnie.