Breaking: Trump names Army Lt. Gen. HR McMaster as national security adviser, after Flynn ousted in Russia scandal


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Its hard to trust anybody that would be willing to work for Trump.


His estate is in florida? Does that make drumpf…Florida Man?


Florida Man is usually a New York or New Jersey transplant, so… yes?


Oh great, what’s wrong with this one? Russian agent? Wife beater? Securities fraud?


Well, for one thing, he appears to be willing to eat that shit sandwich

(Though, I suppose someone had to, eventually. Now we just have to see if he is able to somehow make the sandwich a little more appetizing, rather than worse.)


It’s called financial innovation when the big guys do it.


But were the last words he uttered before announcing his candidacy for POTUS:

“Hold my beer”


That’s the Florida Man clincher.


That’s the universal Redneck clincher.


So McMaster didn’t say fast enough: 1, 2, 3 NOT IT!

Right/left arguments aside I can’t imagine who would want to attach themselves to this burning ship.


My only thought is that maybe they’re trying to salvage whatever government remains when this all ends in tears and strontium-90.


He seems competent and non-evil, so I suppose the administration will have to force him out eventually. But he’ll do for now.


Good luck chump, you’re going to need it.


As was mentioned in the article, he’s actively serving so saying no was not even an option for him*.

Considering the rest of the people chosen by Trump, the fact he was forced into it will probably make him the most sane person around (relatively at least) by a country mile…

*Edit: no good option at least, destroying your career is not done lightly


Nope - he could have taken an honorable discharge.


Well that is true, but that’s not likely a good option at all.

Like i said, being forced into it will likely make him the best advisor Trump has. Though i can’t see him lasting long when he inevitably disagrees with some insanity of a Trump action…


What the hell are living living chandeliers?


The biggest problem for anyone trying to run NatSec is Bannon’s Strategic Initiatives Group.

Being the official National Security Adviser means you get to take the fall when Trump ignores your advice and sides with Bannon. Of the candidates who were proposed for the job McMaster seems like maybe the best candidate, but the job is still a shit sandwich. I can only assume that he’s taken the job on the assumption he can out-maneuver Bannon; I’ll be interested to see how that plays out.

I’m not super comfortable with having a gov’t where the only sane people are senior military. Better than having no sane people, but still not a great trend.


Sounds like a character from a Jerry Bruckheimer movie.

Works for me!


H.R. McMaster seems more qualified for the role than most Trump picks to date, so I can only conclude that he was chosen because Trump confused him with H.R. Pufnstuf.