Breaking: Trump names Army Lt. Gen. HR McMaster as national security adviser, after Flynn ousted in Russia scandal


The logic of the market: Everything which is not yet forbidden is compulsory.


[whispers]“He’ll be my friend when things get rough.”[/whispers]

“What was that Mr. President?”

“Nothing . . . nothing.”

[whispers]“goooolllld fluuuuute”[/whispers]


Idealist who thinks he can make a difference. He’ll be first against the wall when the purges start.

Either that or he will resign within six months when he realises his job is impossible because Bannon has a veto over him.


Well, he wasn’t fired by the previous president for insubordination, so I say overall it’s a step in the right direction.


Another military guy? What is it with all the generals?


It’s all the best generals.


McMaster seems relatively competent, so I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Until that happens, this at least frees us up to get lit about some of the other failures he’s pushing.


EDIT: Bah. Replied to the wrong person.


(I actually read that as “NutSac”. Time to re-caffeinate)


TRUMP: I figure if there’s anyone who knows how to keep America safe from terrorists it’s the guy who knows how to keep Jimmy safe from Witchy-poo.

AIDE: Sir, H.R. McMaster is a decorated General in the Army, not a friendly dragon.

TRUMP: I didn’t want a friendly dragon. I wanted a fire-breather who can kick some ass!

AIDE: The fire-breathing part was a metaphor for his outspoken willingness to challenge authority, sir.



That is clearly a sentient candelabra.

The mystery of the living living chandelier remains unsolved.


Maybe it’s ‘living’ in the sense that it’s constantly evolving. Like, the staff add a new crystal every time Drumpf or Spicey or Conjob tells a lie.

Last month the chandelier looked like this:


How could this have happened? Trump veers from a deluded, partisan toady to McMaster? This is just a outstanding choice (for America, that is). McMaster has made a career of rooting out systemic dysfunction and speaking truth to power.

In short, this won’t go well.

Well, and also Bannon’s adherence to the tenets of neo-millenialist Strauss-Howe Generational “Theory”. Everything he does is with the sure foreknowledge that the Earth is going to hell. I haven’t heard nearly enough media coverage about Bannon’s fixation on this; this is like finding out, as the anaesthetist is putting you down, that your surgeon got his degree from clown college.


Mmmm. Maybe. But that’s still only a living chandelier. We’re trying to pin down the wily living living chandelier.


He seems very competent, almost like the person you should have picked first instead of a toadie or a known traitor who is on probation.


“you can depend on Americans to do the right thing when they have exhausted every other possibility”


Reportedly, unlike Harward, McMaster will be allowed to pick his own staff. So the sandwich for him would contain less shit.


I think Lt. Gen. McMaster and Mr. Bannon are going to get along just fine.


Thats depends on how you think about the likelyhood of working for Trump destroying your career.


I have seen this claimed, that the man couldn’t “legally” say no to a request from the POTUS.
Is there anyone with a real US military education that can confirm this?.
During WW2, as I understood from various memoirs, military law allowed officers to simply resign their commission if they “could not in good faith” accept a posting. I know that this was permitted as recently as the 1960s, for a British commissioned officer.