Harward says no to Trump's national security adviser job, citing 'shit sandwich'

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It’s the Bruce Springsteen cover band fiasco all over again.


I’m sure Trump can simply blame the instability on the “lying press.”


I need to read the headlines better…

I couldn’t believe Harvard gave that quoted reason …


Yeah, the quote must be wrong; he obviously would’ve said something about a giant douche.


Harvard is a university in Massachusetts. The Vice Admiral’s name is Harward.


Exactly: Hence the post saying I needed to read it better…:slight_smile:


KT McFarland is another nutjob islamofoe like Flynn. She needs to go.

Harward apparently spent much of his childhood in pre-revolutionary Iran so he’s probably got a more realistic view of the muslim world.

So far, and I admit I’ve only skimmed the surface, he sounds like one of the better people that Trump has picked. I hope Trump gives him what he wants so that he will accept the job.


Adding competence to an authoritarian regime makes it worse, not better.


If the choice is between an incompetent who thinks half of my family are a subhuman cancer and a competent who thinks all of my family are people who deserve to live in this country, then I’m gonna go with the competent.


The thing is, the marching orders come from the top in the trump administration. Someone like Harward wouldn’t be allowed to be anything but a shitgibbon pawn here and him being competent would make it all that much worse. He’d either be made to comply or walk, and be humiliated and probably blackballed in the process.


The terrible thing is, the sort of moral, upright people you would want and deserve to have take up the positions that need to be filled for the sake of stable government, will be reluctant to compromise their morals, their own sense of probity. They will think, “I will go there, strive to do my duty, but look at the majority of shitheels I will be serving alongside, what terrible things might they do, and then I will be complicit” and it would make anyone hesitate.
However, even if there are good men who can view it pragmatically, know they themselves will be just and righteous, hold their nose and choke down their dose of shit sammie for the sake of their people and go and do their duty, think how the prospect looks for all the good, just, useful and necessary women who ought to be serving their people in some of these positions.
Daily doses of shit sammie with lashings of misogyny to wash it down with. And if they happen to be the sort of woman tRump finds attractive?, four years of him smirking and making demeaning comments.

I don’t blame anyone who finds the prospect just too much for their country to ask of them.


I know Harward and other military brass who make it that high up will show the POTUS some respect and politeness simply because they’ve spent their lives respecting the chain-of-command, but I really hope Harward or someone else Trump tries to tap for the job gets brutally honest with him. “Shit sandwich” is a nice start, but maybe something more like “I see no evidence you guys know what the fuck you’re doing. If you expect me to take the job so I can green-light whatever war you’re itching for, forget it.”


One can only hope they remember what happened to Colin Powell.


I’d suggest reading the Slate article I linked.

One of the guys who drafted the Nuremberg laws was a highly competent career bureaucrat who saw himself as working to restrain Nazi radicalism.


Ret. Vice Adm. Bob Harward, principled or smart, probably both.

Someone should make a note of him, for later in the Reconstruction.


Nope. We’ve already seen Nicky Haley contradict him on the 2-state solution and General Mattis contradict him on co-operation with Russia. And that was just today.

The national security advisor is in a particularly good position to control information flow to trump. He’s the liason between much of the intelligence agencies and the president. His opinion about what information is prejudicial and what is accurate can make a big difference on the way trump sees the world.

If he was in charge of commanding troops or something else operational then I’d agree with you. But his job is coordinating and summarizing information for the president. That’s a job where a rational worldview can only help.


I still want it to be given to Petraeus because a guy convicted of leaking classified information who would have to tell his parole officer that he’d got the job would be perfect for the role of national security advisor for this administration.


No surprise he turned down the job – after that much active service time, his instinct for dodging bullets is highly developed.


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