Trump 'body man' John McEntee abruptly fired, escorted from White House for 'security reasons'


Scientology troll Joy Villa beat her to that, unless she means a literal fetus.


In the Trump administration, it is.


My word, that is the perfect car and license plate for that man… Gorka is like a 19 year old college freshmen. I sincerely hope it’s a “gt” mustang, but he probably sprung for the 5.0


normality is a liberal plot.

Not a day passes by that I read some #nevertrump columnist wringing his hands about precious “norms”.


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Good news is the new body man is already on the job:



DHS also has the Secret Service, who investigates among other things investigates counterfeiting, bank fraud and wire fraud.


I’m a bit tired and confused anyway, so can anyone summarise in one or two sentences for me what this person actually did in the White House? What was he employed for, if that’s easier?


Did someone ask for a “body man”?


Basically a personal factotum:


At what point does Trump, having fired everyone, fire the rug and wall paper?

He still has to argue with the portrait of Andrew Jackson first.


Nice use of orange snow fencing. :grin:


Stellvertretender Aktentaschenträger.


Oh…kay. Das also ist des Pudels Kern.
Der Casus macht mich lachen.

I’m convinced it’s all right for someone so - physically - close by to the president to be a potential security risk.

The term Fucktotum @gracchus used so wisely reminds me of Wagner. Only he’s not aide to a Faustian character here.

Note for non-german speakers: there’s some line missing, but this is a direct quote. Go figure. Have fun. As I have, in this case. Holy mother of fucks not given, what a weird time to be a happy mutant.


Guess she can’t find a job anywhere else. I wonder what the unemployment rate is for people that have left or been fired from dRumf’s White House or presidential campaign?


I really should re-read Faust one of these days…


Good question. There are some purely financial crimes that DHS investigates. But you wouldn’t think that a body man with not much of a resume would be involved in international money laundering. I guess it could be down to on-the-job training?


“This is not normal”

Well. It kind of is.


I am reminded of the reaction of a certain Chief of Staff to his assistant upon learning of these hijinks:


Did anyone take russian spy in the office pool?