Trump ordered Mueller fired, but chickened out


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“There seems to be a knack for manipulating Trump, through … or triggering his fear of looking stupid.”

Too late.


There seems to be a knack for manipulating Drumpf, through sycophancy or triggering his fear of looking stupid. Some people just never get close – GOP politicians – but military men and rock guitarists instinctively have his number.

Once this kind of stunted personality trusts you enough to let you into his inner circle for approx. a year or more due to sycophancy or what have you and you deliver for him on whatever tasks you’re assigned* he will get very frightened if you threaten to leave. He’ll fire you on a whim but it is unacceptable if you say you’ll quit.

I’ve seen that kind of thing first-hand and it’s really bizarre and kind of disturbing to see this powerful but insecure person suddenly groveling and wheedling and promising to do what you say as long as you don’t leave. I’m sure in Il Douche’s case it’s rooted in whatever happened to arrest him permanently at age 11.

[* McGahn seems to have established himself as the “president’s” fixer]


To be clear- there was no collusion.

Just obstruction.




I’m sure he’s just waiting for the right moment.


I will take that.


Usually when your lawyer is threatening to leave, it’s not a good sign for your case.


Yeah, when you try to fire a guy who’s investigating you for obstruction of justice because you fired a guy who was investigating you, it’s seems like solid evidence that you think you’re guilty of obstructing justice on at least one count.


Considering that the orange traffic cone in chief lies about what color the sky is… I will wait to see how the investigation unfolds before I believe that.


The sad and really the scary part is, he actually has lied publicly about that, claiming there were sunny blue skies on his inauguration when it was overcast and gray.


Some people just never get close – GOP politicians – but military men and rock guitarists instinctively have his number.

What a strange observation. I wonder why?


His next gambit will be to say that he now has to fire Mueller. The guy knows I tried to fire him - so he has a conflict of interest.


I expect that if the GOP retains control over the house that the firing will happen shortly after election day.


Philly unions have this inflatable 15 foot rat that use at demonstrations outside scab job sites.

They modeled their new one on Donny.



about collusion: the word.

I’m not going to claim that it “isn’t a crime”, or is a “technical term involving oligopolistic markets”. My sense is that it covers a lot of nefarious derring do, and the list of actual crimes will be published as indictments.

It is attested in Johnson’s dictionary:

but the sense I’m getting is more akin to this sort of situation:

an ostensibly neutral third party acting in concert with one of the parties.


ostensibly rival firms agreeing not to compete while fooling the regulators.

The problem with “colluding with the russians” is that no one expects the russians to have either the role of neutral arbiter, or of independent competitor in the American elections. There is no defined role for them, other than to butt out…

Ah well. If conspiracy charges replace insinuations of collusion, I won’t be terribly disappointed.


Dems look better every day on that.

Just this week in PA - Republican Meehan in a swing Philly burb district announces he won’t run due to inappropriate behavior towards a young staffer and the R’s gerrymandered districts were thrown out. There’s likely a few seat pick up here alone.


Same as his PIN, 1234


Because they have more than one brain cell?


Because the GOP thought that trump is a guy, so they expected they could deal with him using normal human tactics. Turns out trump isn’t really a guy. He’s an id. And if anyone’s got a handle on manipulating ids, it’s rock guitarists who have to deal with promoters and other band members.