Trump ordered Mueller fired, but chickened out

I like this theory:

Ultimately, maybe McGahn was just looking to cover his own ass.


I would have said it was being sent off to boarding school that did it, but that happened when he was 13, and emotionally he’s not that developed. I suspect the emotional abandonment happened long before that.


I wonder if there is anybody still suprised by this. He is a personalized id. A big fat stupid animal only acting by instinct. That should actually make him pretty predictable-


Love the tiny hands!



the quality or fact of representing a person, thing, or situation accurately or in a way that is true to life.
“the earthy realism of Raimu’s characters”
synonyms: authenticity, fidelity, verisimilitude, truthfulness, faithfulness
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Nah, it’s 4321, and he feels really proud of how clever he’s been


Actually is 1234 because he is double clever


IF he ordered him fired, he’d be gone. He may have thought about it, or even started to pursue it, but obviously, he didn’t.

On the military side, I suspect it has to do with experience understanding how to interpret orders you disagree with, or how to correct a commanding officer’s misconceptions in cases where you’re not able to openly disagree or contradict.

Rock guitarists - no idea.


I like how the Washington Monument looks like a sword in this pic.

He was sent off to boarding school for BEING an immature, self-important, little tyrant, so that isn’t the problem, it just wasn’t the fix.


Of course, when confronted on this, Trump just started screaming “Fake News!”. There are so many things that he does not know the meaning of, and Fake News has to be one of the greatest ones. He thinks that anything that he disagrees with, no mater how factual, is “Fake News”. The rest of the world is laughing at us, or at least, at him. Who doesn’t laugh at a clown?




This is really unfair to eleven year olds…

I was a teacher once upon a time, and a significant fraction of my students were eleven.

They were, of course, immature.

But my memory is that the vast majority of them had a conscience, the capacity for compassion, and an understanding that true loyalty goes both ways.

The Cheetoh in Chief is 0 for 3 on the above rubric.


Look, I’m not a Trump fan, far from it.

But he made a bad mistake, then listened to an advisor who told him it was a bad mistake, so he changed his mind.

This is a good behavior and we should praise the 11 year old for doing the right thing and letting the grown ups in the room make the call… Perhaps he could be talked out of some of his other boneheaded stances, like… Uhm, all of them?


“As the White House gets rattled further, Trump will test how deeply Congress believes in and respects the rule of law. The U.S. legal system, whatever its imperfections, is a pillar of American life and liberty. Republicans and Democrats in Congress should remind themselves of that and prepare for the very real possibility that the president will try to fire the special counsel again – especially if Mueller’s probe ensnares any of the Trumps, including the paterfamilias.”

Hey, where’s Don Jr?

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Whenever I see a picture of old Scabby I get nostalgic for my NYC days. Before I learned his name I privately called him the “Rat Bastid” whenever I saw him outside a work site.

This new take is brilliant, of course.


“… the president began to argue that Mr. Mueller had three conflicts of interest that disqualified him from overseeing the investigation …”
So… conflict of interest is… bad? Am I missing something?

As to the GIF in the original post: yes, this is how he looks when he is having sex.
Probably without wearing the suit; possibly while wearing the tie.


Of course he was. Unlike his boss, he’s a bloody professional who’d rather not spend time fighting criminal charges levied against himself.

As I heard it, when McGahn “failed” at helping to get Mueller fired Il Douche bellowed out “where’s Roy Cohn?” A lot was made of the fact that he was calling for someone who (to the world’s mercy) has been dead for decades, but whether it was literal or figurative the desire was the same: to get rid of Mueller he needed someone as unscrupulous as his old fixer, who in the course of serving his patrons didn’t really care about his professional reputation and who spent a lot of time facing criminal charges.


I’m not going to congratulate a child for not sticking a knife in a light socket, doubly so for not doing it only because his mother caught him trying to do so and stopped him.


Also for being a psychopath. He was what, five or six when he was caught throwing rocks at an infant?

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