Cthulhoid damask wallpaper (also fabric & wrapping paper)




She needs to add a magic eye (stereogram) element to this. Imagine sitting in a room with this design in it somewhere, you let your eyes relax, and all of a sudden Cthulhu is coming out of the curtains!


There's a stereogram element in there already (due to a slightly "off" vertical seam), just not a very interesting one. But yeah, Cthulhu appearing to pass through the fabric of time & space into ones faux Victorian study would be AMAZING...


yeah all it has now is that 3d line


It took LITERALLY a million years to even see Cthulu in that pattern.

Really though, if you didn't tell me that that pattern had our Dark Master in it, I would never had seen it. It's really a nice pattern, too. I'd use that wrapping paper on a gift for my mother, and she'd be none the wiser.


I think the vertical element was added by Cory. If you click through to the original, the vertical has exactly 2 repeats in the vertical, and something like 2 and 2/3rds repeats horizontally. The image Cory posted has three and an extra pair of wings repeats vertically, and the vertical element occurs at 2 and 2/3rds repeats, and then there's not-quite two more repeats after that horizontally.

It looks like someone did a lazy, slapdash job of creating a bigger tile. The pattern is intricate enough that you don't quite notice...

Although, it does make a decent stereogram source. Can you see the shark?

(Now I just need a depth map of a mass of tentacles.)


I was have guessed a catfish without prompting. But yep, I see it and that's a dandy little shark. Very cool smile

If this pattern was in a more relaxing, library or study-type color (a burgundy, brown, dark red or dark purple per my own personal preference) stereogram or no, I'd buy a few yards of the cloth in a heartbeat.

As it is, the yellow and green don't do much for me.


I want to put this in a room and, when a guest says, "Did you ever notice this looks like a monster (and/or Cthulhu) here?" just steadfastly deny that I can see what they're talking about. Then slip a little bit of R'lyehian into sentences randomly...


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