Cuddly giant isopod toy!





In addition to the cash that they apparently dispense from between the carapace sections, do they also register their approval by oozing viscous, intoxicating substances from various parts of their anatomies?


Funky Forest.


It’s Tonguey!


How adorable. I also like the fact that it’s way too big to crawl in my ear and eat my brain.


Hence the sharpened sensory proboscis…


one in Toba Aquarium has (allegedly) eaten no food for over 4 years.

Akira! I thought I told you to clear out that dead isopod from the tank! It died back in early 2010!


Is this from Planet P or something?


it must eat algae growing on it’s body or something


Shut up and take my money!


such creep


[chuckles] That’s not a giant isopod.
THAT’s a giant isopod:

I work for a Sub-sea Survey Company, recently this beast came up attached to one of our ROVs. It measures a wee bit over 2.5 feet head to tail, and we expect it latched onto the ROV at roughly 8500ft depth. Unfortunately, the e-mail that these pictures were attached to came from a contractor, and the ship he was operating from (and therefore location) is unknown, so I can't tell you what part of the Earth this beast was living.
My god, it's a monster! : science


It will try to wriggle its way up your urethra.

Out of love.


You know, Tokyo Paleontological Institute, the next time you get a locked trunk of rare Burgess Shale fossils marked DO NOT GET WET FOR THE LOVE OF GOT DO NOT GET WET, pay attention!


I, for one, welcome our new giant isopod masters…


These things never fail to creep me right the fuck out. They’re really cool and all. But I’m gonna be having nightmares tonight from looking at them.

I think it’s their facehugger legs…



You only tell me about the availability of a plush giant isopod two days before Valentine’s Day, when it’s way too late to order one? Thanks a lot, Boing Boing, thanks a lot.


Ya, really – why isn’t this on the Valentine’s gift list?


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