"Culture Wars," thirty years later

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BOTH SIDES :crazy_face:


Hasn’t evening PBS programming long been watched primarily by middle-class and up white people? And funded ever more greatly by large corporations?

That’s a pretty conservative bunch of players to please. Telling the truth about the ginned-up (by Republicans) notion of “culture wars” just ain’t gonna happen in that context.


At Thanksgiving, you want to do the same, but because Sally won’t have her boss cancel her vacation based on her agreeing, you can probably, at that point, say, “What day and time are you leaving to go back to [wherever she lives when not at the Thanksgiving table]?” If this is a one-meal affair, you have to make a plan with her right then and there. It could be as simple as “Sally, I am so psyched about your decision to fight to make rent affordable and wages better! What’s a good time between now and Sunday when we can actually talk more about your involvement?”

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PBS is the worst thing on TV

except for everything else on TV

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