Custom cutting boards shaped like vintage Nintendo cartridges


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I mean, this is pretty but seems like it would be a bad cutting board. This comes to mind



All the grooves would harbor nasty stuff. You could laser burn those elements or make the boards from many pieces of different kinds of wood to get a similar effect. These would be nice decorative, display or presentation boards (mb you could slice some soft cheese on it?) but for actually cutting things, especially meat? No. Just don’t. People are going to get sick from this. ymmv


Cute, but also the worst idea ever for anyone that likes to actually, you know, use a chopping board.


That’s nothing, I have a cutting board shaped like a vintage Fender Telecaster body.

Hey . . . wait a minute. . . this is an actual vintage Tele body. . . and I ruined it!!


Whatever happened to form follows function?


Hmm. I think I’m going to make one that looks like a 3.5" floppy disk. I should have everything I need in the basement already… somewhere in the basement.
Maybe not for cutting, but for laying out food.
And for hitting anyone saying “hey, this looks just like a ‘save’ icon” over the head with.



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