Custom literary matchboxes for chasing away poo-gas

This is attracting a very niche audience. I know from seeing “Shit happens” baseball caps (with fake turd on the visor) in novelty stores that there is an audience for low-brow toilet humor. And based on T-shirts, wallpaper, etc. with the Penguin Classics motif, I know Penguin Classics sells to an audience as well. But is there really a significant overlap in these two groups?

Someone beat you to it.


I don’t believe I own any Penguin Classics, but I would venture to guess that there’s a sizable overlap between “people who laugh at scatological humor” and nearly any other subset of humanity you could name.

In Galapagos, Kurt Vonnegut wrote:

And people still laugh as much as they ever did, despite their shrunken brains. If a bunch of them are lying around on a beach, and one of them farts, everybody laughs and laughs, just as people would have done a million years ago.


aah! the vagaries of the english language strike again…

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Those are pretty awesome though!

similar to another great site I’ve seen:

(full disclosure — it’s mine!)

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