Watch: A man lights a sphere made of 42,000 matches and it's stunning


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Did anyone else notice the Patriot’s logo as it finished up? This is a sign from God telling us it will be the Patriot’s year next year and all of them will be put in jail for sexual misconduct.


Porno for Pyros.


I counted slightly less than 42 K.


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“oh, I’m not sure I’m down to watch 9 1/2 minutes of this…”

first impressions can be really wrong sometimes!
I’m glad they had the foresight to use multiple camera-angles and include a slo-mo camera.
The way the heat pushed the smoke around the burnt-out husk was actually more interesting, I was really glad to see it in slo-mo at the end, and from that angle.





I had a disturbing “someone walking over my grave” feeling while watching that. Creepy, like that’s what the end of the world will look like, from green to a black husk.


Few can endure the light of its blaze.


Some men just want to watch the world burn.



Camera’s not ready!


Gives us a quick nose-pick to turn the whistle off thank you in advance.


If the world was 100% vegetation with no oceans. Next time, he should use a mix of green and blue headed matches, patterned to look like a globe of the Earth. I am sure there are more than enough people who want to see the world burn to finance the labour involved through kickstarter.


That ford motorcraft add is soo annoying it scrolls to the ad top and fights you when you try to scroll away. I had to install ad blocking our loose my sanity


What’s behind the waves moving along the surface smoke, from less to more transparency with a sharp edge?


This is how the next Death Star needs to be destroyed in Star Wars.


I’d pay just to stop them trying to burn the real world.


This is why you should not consume raw ghost peppers.



The smoke part was cooler than the flame part.