Customer finds a human bone tucked inside a newly-purchased pair of socks

What if the bone was 3D printed?

There’s not really any reason to finger China for this, unless you have a bone to pick with them. It sounds to me as though Primark needs to knuckle down and beef up their quality control protocols, perhaps through a joint effort with a digital security firm?


not in my glove box


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(That’s all I wanted to post, but BBot told me to

Sort of a proax, really, until they open the box to see whether the cat’s dead or not.

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I’m placing a finger in a sock right now.

In the cases of food, it’s usually part of a severed finger after an unfortunate accident in the kitchen.

I’m not 100% sure on this, but I think it’s more likely an industrial accident that leads to the finger being included in some ingredient, which the restaurant misses. Not that accidents don’t happen in restaurants, but I can’t see a severed body part actually making it all the way to the customer without being stopped by the staff who witness (or experience) the accident. One would hope that’s the case in a plant as well, but I can see it being a lot harder to shut everything down and successfully find the body part in time inside a massive, automated factory putting out vastly more food.

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Someone pointing with a finger at something?

I’m late to the game, but “thumb skin in an Arby’s sandwich” – how could you tell?


oh get rid of that 9 character minimum FFS

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