"Customer Service" prankster has fun with complainers on Facebook

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I laugh snorted. This seems like the evolution of what people from notalwaysright.com would want to say.


Oh if I had the free time, and a friendface account, the fun I could have.


Seems to me that these are customer service trolls having fun by winding people up and pointing them at a business instead of themselves. Are some of their statements funny? Sure. Is it a cool thing to do? I really don’t think so.YMMV

Their earlier work was smarter and could have seemingly come from a clueless CSR. This stuff is just mean and snarky.

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Yeah… without responses these trolls aren’t so fun to read…

I mean, funny trolls can be funny but the wake they leave is the most fun they make.

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I’m guessing that Ben’s and Nick’s real job is customer service at Comcast?


Lol I got Customer Service to reply to me on Facebook on BB’s post. I couldn’t think of anything particularly clever to complain about, I tried :B

How long before “Customer Service” gets deleted for having a fake name?

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The Interstellar one is so good!

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That’s what I’m saying. Their latest responses are just snarky and not as smart.

I can appreciate the performance art, but some brand manager somewhere (or many somewheres) is probably steaming mad at the fact that some percentage of users won’t realize they’re being played.

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