Cute puppy cries each time little boy cries, then cheers him up


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I think the pup just wanted a salty drink.


Cute, but hmm. I’m not sure which one is more irritating: the dog or the kid.


I wish the tears were silent.


My kids cry like that - when I arrive home!


An allegory for American suffering. Minus the last part.


In that those with power are amused at the distress of those with no power, and so record and share it for their own enjoyment?


Boy = Trump

Dog = Fox News


It’s mocking him. My father used to do the same thing.


and - what’s more - shared twice


Uhh…no. The kid is America under Trump, and we’re waiting for the suffering to stop.


So he sarcastically went “boohoo” then licked your face when he realized that mockery wasn’t helping?
Your father sounds like a real weirdo, bruh.


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