Cute synonyms for nookie from bygone times




What about ‘rumpy pumpy’?

/Actually find that ‘cementing their relationship’ is acceptable in polite conversation.


what about consummate-d?

“Put the devil into hell”

so what counts as putting the devil into heaven?


I’m guessing the former is actually a euphemism for buttsechs


I like ‘Fadoodling’. It sounds so innocent.


“Making the beast with two backs”

From Shakespeare’s Othello (and earlier in French), but there’s a similar concept in the Codex Seraphinianus:


It’s funny that the euphemism pattern “Horizontal [action that is commonly performed vertically]” has such a long history. Horizontal describes maybe half of the funnest ways to “Dance the Paphian jig…”


I already knew houghmagandy, but no idea where from.


If you comb through Shakespeare, I’ll bet you’ll find 31 adorable terms there alone. The man was a sex maniac.


Putting the devil into hell goes at least as far back as the Decameron, 1353.


.22. Lerricompoop (1694)

still a favorite in northeast ohio


7 of the 31 begin with the word “play.” Just sayin’


Funnest, maybe, but after 50, sex becomes more comfort food, less Tex-Mex.


Horizontal vacuuming? Horizontal book-shelving? Perhaps I am not doing this right.


bang, batter, beef, bumble, blow off the loose corns, bounce the brillo,
dance the buttock jig, do a dive in the dark, flimp, flurgle, foin,
foraminate, futz, get one’s leather stretched, get one’s nuts cracked,
get one’s oil changed, go bird’s nesting, go bush-ranging, go like a rat
up a rhododendron, go star-gazing on one’s back, have a bun in the
oven, have a game in the cock-loft, have a leap up the ladder, have hot
pudding for supper, hide the ferret, hide the salami, hide the sausage,
hive it, jazz it, knock it off, lay some pipe, light the lamp, lose the
lamp and pocket the stake, make her grunt, mix one’s peanut butter,
palliardize, pestle, pheeze, pizzle, play cars and garages, plow, plug,
plook, ram, rasp, ride below the crupper, shoot between wind and water, strop one’s beak, varnish one’s cane, wet one’s wick, wind the clock, and work the hairy oracle


What indeed.




Possibly off topic because it’s not olde tyme, but still, I give you

Spinal Tap!

[quote]Working on a sex farm
Trying to raise some hard love
Getting out my pitch fork
Poking your hay

Scratching in your hen house
Sniffing at your feedbag
Slipping out your back door
Leaving my spray

Sex farm woman, I’m gonna mow you down
Sex farm woman, I’ll rake and hoe you down
Sex farm woman, don’t you see my silo rising high?

Working on a sex farm
Hosing down your barn door
Bothering your livestock
They know what I need

Working up a hot sweat
Crouching in your pea patch
Plowing through your bean field
Planting my seed

Sex farm woman, I’ll be your hired hand
Sex farm woman, I’ll let my offer stand
Sex farm woman, don’t you hear my tractor rumbling by?

Working on a sex farm
Trying to raise some hard love
Getting out my pitch fork
Poking your hay[/quote]

Please forgive me.


Well, in 1505, a certain novel, moderately lethal, largely untreatable, spirochete had been burning its way through exciting new markets in the old world for a little over a decade, killing substantial numbers and causing a laundry list of assorted ghastly sequelae in those it spared; so I’m going to go with “Syphilis” for that question…