Cyberpunk's Asian representation problem


I didn’t see the movie because I just couldn’t see how it was going to work. Out of all of Mitchel’s books, Cloud Atlas feels like the hardest to translate into film.


The first game is really great. Not playing it is like not playing Psychonauts.
It’s possible, I guess, but it’s not a world that I think that I would want to live in.


It was quite explicit in Neuromancer that Chiba City was place you could go weeks without hearing anyone speak Japanese. Whether that succeeded or failed as a narrative, I’ll leave to the reader, but our hero was in a marginal neighborhood under the umbrella of Japan, but not really a part of it.


‘Intermingled’ people… who look distinctly White; sure.

Because gene traits like light hair, fair skin and blue eyes aren’t at all recessive.


If i could i would blur other people’s spoilers lol. I saw the new Blade Runner movie as soon as i could not so much because of hype but because i really did not want to worry about spoilers.


I am as old as the original, it is easily in my top five if not absolute favorite (big trouble in little chinabeing the true contender for that title.) if it wans’t for mouth pain and insurance headachs I’d have been camped out at the local cinima day it got here.


I highly recommend it, but don’t let me or anyone dampen or hype up your expectations. I went in cold knowing little about it and i avoided reviews, the movie wasn’t what i was expecting and i loved every second of it (despite casting issues discussed here)


Of course, we might be indulging in stereotypes to assume that we know what sex or race a person might be, simply by gazing upon them.

In Blade Runner 2049 the only characters I recall having their sex stated explicitly were the two offspring of Deckard and Rachael. Nobody else was specified. And even in that case, the records were an unreliable narrator. I know GD’s remark was about Beyond Good and Evil, but I think it’s still better to avoid jumping to such conclusions in any media.


There are a couple of full front male nudes in the morgue scene.


I felt massively relieved when watching it that it wasn’t “Prometheus”.


In profile view, for all of 5 seconds.


Indeed. I was trying to point out that the film wasn’t dick free. Is it the presence or level of male nudity that triggers the censors?


I would be thrilled if gender identity was more ambiguous, or rather less of a focus unless specifically relevant to a character’s motivations. From my experience i see that more in anime than elsewhere.


I dunno, in a medium where the golden rule is “show don’t tell”, one has to take things at face value until they are proven otherwise. Certainly the sex-workers were presented as female, if the intention were otherwise, I think it would need to be shown in the film.


Who even knows at this point?

What is known is that it’s been 35 years since the original BR was released, and it seems Hollywood still hasn’t evolved, right down to the prevalent ‘casting couch’ mentality that’s been recently re-exposed…


Ugh. Hollywood.


My sentiments, exactly.


First reaction: What the hell is this? It looks absolutely amazing!

Second reaction: Dammit, it’s a game, not a film.:disappointed:


Imagine how i feel? I was expecting so much MORE from two years before blade runner’s time frame.


If i wasn’t so dead inside i would be a ball of rage. I don’t know if this is a good thing or not.