Why cyberpunk?


Nifty vid on Gibson’s politics:

Somewhat relevant to the current day.


Completely tangential, only just thought about it because you said cyberpunk but I saw this the other day:

I can’t choose whether to be filled with excitement or dread. But I do know that they fucked up Gally’s face with the cueball sized eyes.


I dunno. This Anime really made me go “WTF”. I am OK with how bonkers it is looking to be


The trailer for Alita does look a lot more faithful to the original material than the recent Ghost in the Shell movie. And I suppose it won’t be as much of a problem for me if it isn’t, simply because I’m much less emotionally possessive of Alita than I am of GitS. Plus, Alita wasn’t as… detailed and complex as GitS, there’s less to screw up. Cyborgs tearing each other to pieces in a brutal post-apocalyptic underground is somehow much less existential.


Now you’ve made me want to get high and watch Gunhed.


All this texmexium isn’t going to smoke itself!


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