The 1995 Anime “Ghost in the Shell” is more relevant than ever in today’s technologically complex society


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Ghost in the Shell has some amazing theme music:


The follow up Ghost in the Shell 2 is a master class as well. The animation is stunning and philosophically speaking the sequel is loaded with all kinds of stuff. Big fan of both


I even enjoyed the series, but the original has always been my favorite. (even modded my toon in Fallout 4 to look like Motoko -


Have you watched the Ghost in the Shell tv series? I bounced off it initially because of the difference in animation style and tone, but I grew to like it’s plot and character development.

Also, tachikomas!



I think i saw one or two random episodes of it and didn’t really like it but i haven’t really taken the time to watch it from the start. I’ve also heard that the manga is excellent, but i rarely read manga… some day perhaps :slight_smile:


The original Manga is also excellent, and I’m not normally into manga or comics.


Plus it has cover art that promises abundant nudity.

But this conversation’s been had before.


There is straight up Hentai in the original comic.

As I understand it, the creator of Ghost in the Shell more or less does that exclusively now.


Do you mean Ghost in the Shell: Innocence? GitS 2 was a remake of the original 1995 movie that includes a lot of CG-rendered scenes.


Yup, actually a lighter tone and a few laughs tucked away in some panels, and some nice soft drawings and colours. Quite a contrast to the stark graphics and movement lines all over the original Akira.


NSFW <——


I didn’t like SAC at first either, but after 2 unsuccessful tries I ended up watching it twice in its entirety and having the best time ever doing so.

If you’re really into the world, you might enjoy the manga, however, it is very stylistically and tonally different from both movie and series. Just be aware that every iteration of GitS has very differing identities.

Going even further than that, the third book (numbered 2), Man Machine Interface, gets so in depth and hyperfocused on explaing the hypothetical technologies that it’s downright hard to read.


I’ve always known it as just GitS 2 so i had to look that up. Yes it’s Innocence


this is the first time I’ve seen someone use ‘Ghost’ as a shorthand for GitS


When I was a teenager I watched Ghost in the Shell on VHS and didn’t understand a word of it. Sometime in the next year I watched it again and was able to follow the plot. Then a few years later I watched it a third time and thought it was phenomenal.


And it delivers!


There’s a little bit of kink, but it’s hardly Legend of the Overfiend. His Dominion Tank Police was similar – that scene in the anime with the inflatable penises was pretty silly, for sure.


Also Akira takes place in 2019. Neo-Tokyo here I come


Be careful – it’s about to explode!