Adam Savage goes behind the scenes of Ghost In The Shell

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I’m more than likely taking a pass on this movie, but personal feelings aside the design, art and props for this look pretty good. Also i highly enjoy all of Tested videos with Adam Savage, his enthusiasm and passion is infectious.


I generally don’t like the idea of bringing animation to life - but boy, they trailers look like they got the look and feel down right.

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This gave me some more insight how things in a story can change because of production difficulties, particularly when they talked about the porcelain doll aspect.

It also gave me pause to wonder why I feel like I die a little inside when I see a wonderful story turned into a Transformers movie…

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There’s no way that this movie is going to live up to the expectations, but I’ll definitely be seeing it when it opens.

Mostly, but it also looks like they watched The Matrix too many times.

Now they have to remake Pandora in the Crimson Shell.

Or maybe the Matrix watched Ghost in the Shell one too many times.


Not happy with the casting but I do hope the movie doesn’t suck

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No, the original doesn’t have that magic floating while dual wielding thing. I don’t think.

I think I know what you’re talking about. That doesn’t really seem like that big of a deal, though. We don’t want it identical, and how we portray action in movies has changed a lot in the last 20 years. It still fits with the character of the major having abilities far above the average human.

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Look into my owl eyes. Report back on the film. Report back. Report. Report…

There’s already a live action version of Ghost in the Shell:


And so Lucy Liu hangs on to the title “the only Asian woman to ever land a major role in big-budget Hollywood action film” for yet another year.


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