Cybertronic Spree covers "Ballroom Blitz"

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Video link for the BBS


I can’t really get into these schtick cover bands, but I have to respect the musical skill.

And I have to admit that I have a favorite:

And I think Okily Dokily, the Ned Flander’s Metal Band has been featured here before:


Soundwave! Squeeeeeeeee!

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Best Ballroom Blitz cover:

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Are you sure that’s not a Tau on the drums? Ask it about the greater good.

The band’s definitely got talent:


I’m convinced these ‘live’ performances are tracked. How can you play with these stupid outfits on?

An entire concert of this? Boy, that novelty would wear thin quickly.

I’m convinced they’re not tracked, and it is possible to play with those outfits on. If you look very closely at the costume designs, they’ve clearly built them to allow for flexibility and movement. Most of the cardboard segments only connect to the clothing underneath them (and not each other), without restricting joints. In some cases, the shoulder/arm pieces are completely separate from the body, which would be less constricting; where the shoulderpieces are attatched to the torso, there are wide spaces at the armholes to allow for a decent range of motion. The articulation on the gloves alone is amazing (though I’d expect they’d need to be replaced often due to wear and tear.) I find the whole thing ingenious, and I’m not even a big Transformers fan! (I did try to build paper puppets as a child, so I can appreciate the challenges involved at least a little bit.)

YMMV, of course. Personally, I like a band that doesn’t take themselves too seriously and obviously enjoys what they do. Their enthusiasm generally spreads to the audience and makes for a better experience. :woman_shrugging:

*Edited to add: I’ve gotten a closer look ar the hands since I wrote the post. They aren’t as complex as I originally thought… but they do look pretty good from a distance.


The Damned’s one (with Lemmy on bass) is my favourite:




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