Music: "Ballroom Blitz," The Sweet (1973)


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The version of my youth.


OMG I thought Tia Carrere’s was campy. I had no idea.


I like the tension in Glam between the pub-rocker mentality and the dressing-up box costumes.


It was sad what alcohol did to Brian Connolly in the end.



The version of my youth (the Sweet version is literally the version of my youth).


My dear fellow…


The version of my youth:


The version of my adulthood.



The Sweet version is the best version. Even the GIF of the car-trip lip-syncing guy agrees.



Tia Careere is my root.


I had no idea there were so many covers. Rock and roll.


Great stuff - one from the same era was by The Rezillos (just found the live version on my iPod!)


Thanks for that. I’d not heard this one.


Definitely still my favorite version. Joan Jett did an amazing job covering their AC/DC and I would absolutely LOVE to hear her cover this!


The version of my youth and adulthood until the night I picked it for Karaoke:


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