D.C. police lieutenant charged with leaking law enforcement information to Proud Boys

Originally published at: D.C. police lieutenant charged with leaking law enforcement information to Proud Boys | Boing Boing


Just imagine how brazen this guy had to be for other cops to feel they had to do something about it.

did not see how he was discovered for his role anywhere in the article. who turned him in?


Just keep following the connections upward.


Those that work forces are the same that burn crosses.


I would imagine this came from Tarrio and was part of his deal with the FBI/DOJ. Didn’t he squeal pretty prolifically?


I know it’s not likely given that corruption is the norm rather than the exception these days, but eventually I’d like to see police corruption treated as one of the highest crimes in the land. Police have so much potential to do harm through so many avenues, they need to be held to the highest possible standards and scrutiny, and the penalty for betraying the public trust needs to be harsh enough to prevent offenders from ever being able to hurt another human being again. Of course, we’ve got a long ways to go from our current standard of “cops can do literally whatever they want with no serious consequences”.


100% because they are in a position of authority and power they deserve to be held to a higher standard not a lesser one.

and what is all that “need more money for training” going to, if not to ensure that the theoretical upholders of the law follow the law. instead of upholders of law, we get enforcers of those who hold power.

i don’t really think it will take a “big” change. it only requires one new federal law of some sort. but it’s true, inorder to get rid of the beneficiaries of that power, so a bill or a vote could happen, seems a long way off


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