Daily Mail finds new depths to plumb, blames hypothetical immigrants for neo-Nazi's murder of Labour MP

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It seems they were also in favor of the Roman invasion of Brittania, quite a few years earlier.


Jonathan Harold Esmond Vere Harmsworth, 4th Viscount Rothermere, is French for tax reasons.


But they’ve changed their opinion on that now, because Rome is in Italy and therefore the EU. The undercurrent of Fascism never really went away though (and was more like a high tide at times).

My parents read it in the 90’s, despite my requests to get a better newspaper.


This seems like a relevant time to mention this don’t-fund-the-Mail campaign:


I dunno - it is pure speculation in the “article”. But it doesn’t read to me as blaming immigrants but blaming the murderer for irrational fears.

But, either way, it is pure speculation. Isn’t the Daily mail more or less a tabloid? We have a whole post every week about tabloids on BB. Or is it real enough the DM is pseudo-news?


That may be true, but I just wanted them to get a newspaper that didn’t think I was a cause of what was wrong with the country.

That probably limited the choice to the FT and the Guardian though.

I agree about the FT, I used to have a subscription but I can’t afford it anymore.


No, sorry. They manage the completly awful deal of blaming it on both the fears they themselves sell to their readers AND the victim, while trying to portrait him as a victim.

Fuck the nazi piece of shit, and I’m talking about the newspaper.


British tabloids are a bit different than the American ones. They’re often daily papers, their coverage goes beyond celebrities and space aliens, and they’re explicit in their political partisanship. They also know their audiences very well, to the point where the editors are sure that their speculation and innuendo will be taken as fact by the readers simply because it appears in the paper.

The Daily Mail’s stock-in-trade is stirring up its mostly older, mostly conservative, mostly uneducated readers’ irrational fears about all kinds of things (rare diseases, things that might give you cancer, loud music, immigrants, non-Christian people, brown people, young people, French people, liberal people, people who are enjoying their lives, etc.). This is a particularly disgusting example of a typical story from a paper that also has a history of promoting actual fascist rhetoric.





And if it is anything like the German newspaper market, then the papers do their best to downplay the distinction and many of their readers would consider any insinuation of a difference in quality and credibility as opposed to style offensively classist.


It has been suggested that the typical Daily Mail story can be summarised as “How the superfood we promoted last week will give you cancer”


They literally refer to him as a Neo-nazi and a terrorist in the headline.

To be fair, I don’t trust those people either… :wink:


The attitude of the Mail’s readership is best described by H.L. Mencken’s definition of puritanism: “the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.”


Yet the daily heil still can’t help themselves with stoking the fears of immigrants like the opportunistic parasites they are. And by all accounts jo cox had time for everybody, she dedicated her life to helping the constituents of batley and spen and nobody knows what her murderer wanted because he refused to answer any questioning.

Small correction to the article - the trial is over and he has already been sentenced after being found guilty on all four charges.


And hence:


It absolutely is a tabloid. However, tabloids in the UK - with the exception of the Sport - report real news (or purport to), in a poorly researched, bad faith, and partisan way. It’s not like the National Enquirer, doing stories on Bat Boy.


I’ve been drawn more and more to the idea of physically interfering with the Daily Mail - such as using a sticker to alter the front page, or slipping a fake leaflet inside.


Says it all. They have no regard for journalistic reporting but clickbait headlines (printbait?), all the tabloids are the same but the daily heil seems to be more repugnant than most. It just astounds me they have such a large readership, i’ll file that incomprehensibility along with the sun readership and fox news viewers.

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