EU lies and the British tabloids who told them


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It’s interesting how the graph shows exactly what you would expect based on a knowledge of the organs concerned. The perfect Mail story is:
Week 1: New superfood essential for your health
Week 2: How new superfood is killing you.
The combination of food and the EU must excite all of Paul Dacre’s dark fantasies. The amazing thing is that he went to what is perhaps the country’s only mildly left wing private school - and ever since seems to have been rebelling against his education.

(The UCS school song is about laying ignorance, intolerance and tyranny low, which is kind of the Daily Mail in exact reverse.)


The Daily Mail has been a disgrace to UK journalism like forever. It’s not Paul Dacre.

Unless he’s from the future and has been going back in time to keep it on track. I wouldn’t bloody well put it past him.


'Aint that the truth.


People like being lied to, if it’s what they want to hear.


They seem to have missed the Guardian off the list, though I note the Observer is on it.


The Daily Mail is a scourge on UK society. Paul Dacre has done more damage to the fabric of our society than almost any other contemporary individual. It’s an appalling rag and I am disgusted at how many people buy it.


I can’t remember the author now but there’s a little verse of the 1920s: “My papers sell most copies/because I print most lies.”

The point about the Dacre Mail is that whereas Rothermere supported Fascism before WW2, the Mail continues to be a fascism-loving newspaper after WW2, when we all know what Naziism was really like.


The Daily Mail at the top of the list. Quelle surprise.


Fucking jingoistic assholes.


that quiz is awfully repetive. I think their randomization routine needs some work

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