Australian TV host disgusted at Daily Mail's misogyny

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Obligatory re: the Daily Mail’s history of supporting fascism:


And if you agree with me, the best thing you can do is never go to that website.

Right, I’m on it! I mean, off it. (Always have been actually.)

This guy is a gem.


[quote=“beschizza, post:1, topic:102056”]its practices (nakedly untrue and plagiarized stories, amateurish editing of photographs, comical yet effective exportation of British tabloid stock stories to new markets)[/quote]I suspect the abundance of the just-plain-naked stories does much to ensure its enduring popularity.


The Daily Mail is not a London tabloid; it spreads misogyny, politically motivated lying and false health scares around the entire country. You may be confusing it with the Evening Standard, which became so awful that when Lebedev took over he sent a van around London with posters apologising for it.


Rob, you always bring us the very best of rants.




Mail Group also owns the Metro IIRC. There was another free paper back in the early 00s that was much better, because it just reprinted wire service stories more or less verbatim and had a slightly harder crossword. Shame it disappeared.


Uh, but it’s a tabloid. It’s doing what tabloids do. Isn’t even commenting on it contributing to its circulation via the Streisand Effect?

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In the US they can’t repeat a dress even once without people noticing.


Trying to shame the unshameable.

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I would think it might arouse a sense of shame in patrons of the site who take a guilty pleasure in it, and perhaps cause them to stop. Maybe.


Stefanovic is acting the white knight because his approval ratings with women tanked after he split up with his wife.

There are occasionally non-celebrity stories in the Daily Mail that are actually well-done. I don’t know if they’re by accident, but it must be lonely.

If you’re referring to this:

If i remember correctly, it was in response to a story in the Daily Fail that Mr. Stefanovic referrences in his wonderful rant. A story criticizing a co-host of his for wearing the same shirt four months apart. The victim of criticism was, of course, a woman.


Congratulations on the newly developed telepathy!


In the court of public opinion, will Today’s mostly female audience, who have come to know and love Stefanovic’s staunch family man image, be so forgiving? Media analyst Steve Allen thinks not.

“Nine are trying to mitigate the fact that the way this new relationship has played out could be a very bad look [for Karl] and could, in fact, turn off some of their viewers,” Allen, the CEO of Fusion Strategy told Fairfax Media.

“It fractures that whole family man image and puts a stick in the spokes to the strategy that Karl, Today and Nine have had around his whole career. It really does have potential to do damage to the viewership of Today and any other program he is involved in.”

Nine are running a little project around Karl Stefanovic. They don’t care about the Daily Mail. They don’t care about anything other than ratings.

Well, stopped clocks, and all that…

Keeping Britain’s lower classes just that, since 1896.
The Daily Fail.

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