Daktilo turns your computer into an unsociably-loud but satisfying typewriter

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Aesthetics, plain and simple.

While I nominally have no preference on what I type on, I do kind of like the semi-clicky-keyboard I have at home.

(I’ve used everything from a venerable IBM “M” keyboard to one of those flimsey silicon roll up mats to the ‘chicklet’ keyboards on the old Timex-SInclairs to the current lenovo T16, and everything in between. My blood- and toner- stained nubs don’t really care as long as the press registers and doesn’t repeat.)

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Sorry, a vibrating transducer will never match the pure sound of metal striking paper.


Now do an emulator for a vintage IBM Selectric, with motor sounds.


I must be in the minority - I hate the clikety-clak of old typewriters. I hated the noise when I was learning to type all those many years ago, and I just don’t get the hype now. I like quiet. eh, to each their own.

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I would be a little more impressed if there was a softer “thunk” each time the space bar was pressed.

I would be even more impressed if the example in the video was an email that said:

To: larryjohnson@gop.com

From: frankdawson@gop.com

Consider this my resignation. You and everyone else who works here are, collectively, the dumbest organisation I ever worked for. As a final fck you to you and everyone else, I installed the typewriter feature to every computer in the office. Good luck, dckheads!
(former) IT Manager


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