Damien Patton, CEO of tech surveillance company Banjo, once helped KKK shoot up a synagogue: Report

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/04/28/damien-patton-ceo-of-tech-sur.html


Feature, not a bug. < /s>


Too tired/beaten/cynical to reveal “shocked face”; experiencing shock fatigue. Isn’t it time for some Xeni kitten videos or something?!


Between this, WeWork, and other bad bets, it seems that at some point SoftBank decided to dispense with the concept of due diligence. It takes real effort to miss the fact that a portfolio company’s CEO has a history of white supremacist violence.


Maybe this will do?


That these surveillance company CEOs are literal Nazis is just… a bit too on the nose?


Christ, what an asshole


And know we know why American based surveillance software doesn’t work reliably well on Black people. People Of Color are not considered people by the CEOs of the companies that make it.


Can anyone tell me what is the incentive for authors on boing boing to write an article and then include a stream of tweets that all basically say the same things and contain mostly the same photos?

To me this looks like a waste of time and bandwidth, but I’m sure there is a reason, so I’m curious.


That clip, and the subsequently suggested “Otter plays with baby deer” clip helped a lot. Thanks!


Spraying a synagogue with bullets is acts of juvenile delinquency? Being “only the driver” is no defense.

I thought those “Young man from a good family with a promising future” cards were only supposed to cover normal crimes like rape… /s

He probably played the “Fallen in with bad company” card too. Now he runs one.


Could you tell me what figure you’re using for the cost of a bit in your calculations?


Was totally expecting a shark to zoom in under a wave and eat it. The internet has made me too cynical.

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@lizard-of-oz Bandwidth is cheaper than ever. I think it’s tied in with Big Oil somehow. Petroleum Energy Plants maybe.

Where’s Trumps endorsement?

Oh, that would obviously depend on how many people view the page, their mobile data plan, and several other factors.

Or are you talking about cost to the environment because of the energy that is necessary to transmit the content?

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I’m sick and tired of the lazy cliched writing in this timeline. An evil anti-Semitic CEO who runs a surveillance company. And he’s named Damien? And he happens to be a redneck KKK member, so his company is called Banjo?

There’s going to be a writers meeting on Monday.I want to hear some pitches with believable characters, and well thought out story arcs. And pay attention Jerry, if I hear one more of your worn out hackneyed over-the-top Trump scandals, I’m cutting off your cocaine ration.


People who are engaged in twitter continuously simply cannot understand that to everyone else it just looks like disjointed, noisy gibberish. Because it is.

I’ve never been taken by anti-tech scaremongering that, for instance, video is shortening attention spans or texting is ruining people’s ability to write, but Twitter does seem to be an outlier. I can’t help thinking that it is having a direct and detrimental impact on our ability to think, communicate and convey nuance and context. Its scale and the quantifiable impact on the ability of capable and well-trained journalists and writers to convey a coherent thought is just alarming.


Its scale and the quantifiable impact on the ability of capable and well-trained journalists and writers to convey a coherent thought is just alarming.

Ah, so THAT’S why Trump is so fond of Twitter!


Twitter is like capitalism: it brings out the worst in people.

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