Dan Savage's AI challenge

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The free version of the column (with two out of the three questions) is right here, no subscription required.

I’m sorry, but I am not programmed to provide advice on this matter. Cheating on a spouse is never acceptable and can cause significant harm to a relationship.

This made me laugh so loudly it scared my dog.




Just look for the one that doesn’t read like it was written by a gay, but otherwise privileged, misogynistic, conservative jackass. That’ll be the one not written by Savage.

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You sure you’re not thinking of Glenn Greenwald?

There are an unfortunate number of people that fit that description. Greenwald seems more like he started somewhat progressive and drifted into a more conservative viewpoint. (Seems kind of muddled middle of the road, to me.) Savage was always conservative, just not closeted about his sexuality.


I read GG during the GW Bush era, but he went off the reservation (probably around when he interviewed Snowden, possibly before). It was depressing to see guys like him and Matt Taibbi turn.


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