Tour of Adam Savage's Cave!


I enjoyed this.


Could you stop posting interesting videos? Between this and the video game film I’ve lost like 90 minutes today.

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Those Sortimo boxes look like they would be perfect for those of us who live in apartments and have to organize our stuff into closets, and can’t afford the wallspace for first order retrievability.

I end up emailing myself a list of URLs of videos to watch, and then actually watch them when I get back home.

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For the record, I’m not gay.

And yet, there is a part of me that wants to marry him and live there forever and ever.

There are plenty of people who marry for money and possessions.

His place is like a not creepy Neverland Ranch.

Want. So. Bad.

He’s smart, funny, engaging, and has every single tool you could ever possibly want. Is there anybody in the world who would make a better best friend than Adam Savage?

Jamie Hyneman?

Nah, he seems grouchy all the time, and Lord help you if you misplace a tool or accidentally spill something on the shop floor!

His grouchiness level seems to be in direct proportion to time spent with Adam.

I have much more of an “Adam” personality than a “Jamie”; methinks that Mr. Hineman would tire of my presence quite quickly!

You apparently suffer from good impulse control.

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