Danger! Danger!


Just plain mean to kids,


Another Chinese translation I saw:

:game_die: Would You LIKE to Play a Game? :video_game:

Not sure if this is real or 'shopped, but it still gave me a laugh.


Thanks. I was working on it but I’m on my phone so even the simplest of tasks are a million times more of a pain. :frowning:


ya, not really sure what type of magic this is.

  • clicked your link
  • oh, the url doesn’t have a file extension at the end
  • copypaste it into my post and add .jpg
  • can see it in preview
  • hit post
  • now yours embeds, so mines redundant
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but anyway, at least it’s visible ¯\ __(ツ) _ /¯


I saw this exact sign (same font, even) in Jakarta with no explanation underneath:

Didn’t seem likely to be gunfire related on that particular road…

:game_die: Would You LIKE to Play a Game? :video_game:

So is that the new generic hazard warning? Was there anything (sharp curves, falling rocks, wildlife milling about) that seemed to warrant extra attention?


That’s what I was wondering. Nothing more hazardous that any other stretch of Jakarta road (the motor bikers are suicidal, I swear!). And they do have a term used to indicate “caution” with regard to driving and other related dangers: hati-hati (literally: care care).


Back in the 70s I did factory inspections for the EPA. I learned a lot from the workers in the steel mills in the middle of the night, including the trick of turning a vending machine upside down then rightside up again to liberate large quantities of candy or cigarettes.

Apropos of an earlier sign, I also learned that if you rappel down into a large tank of liquid to get a sample, you might not discover until the later analysis that you probably shouldn’t have done that.


Back in high school they put a vending machine right next to the machine shop…





Posting by request:

And for a real one:

Coober Pedy is a fun town, but it has unique hazards.


Also on the Australian desert theme:

From Woomera.

I knew some folks who ignored those signs. As soon as they got out of sight of the road, they were rounded up by a squad of men with M-16s, American accents and no sense of humour.


In the US, the DoD likes this signage:

(Seriously no sense of humor.)


I see your deer and raise you a cow:

One for the “what am I supposed to do now?” department:


wtf, yo


If someone can find this please post.

I was driving through Colorado and an electronic warning sign flashed.



no dice. how’s this?

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