Plane safety cards, explained



25% content. 75% ads. These list-site/recycled copypasta sites are the worst.


This reminds me of another website that I believe Boingboing featured a long time ago


Even without the caption this is a pretty horrendous piece of design.

The red line is almost completely obscured so it seems to be saying, “On fire? Run as fast as you can!”


I am horrible at decyphering these sort of picture puzzles. As I like to tell people who develop icon-driven software “I DO NOT SPEAK PICTURE-ESE!”. What happens is that they are so open to interpretation that I can make a list of hundreds of possible meanings - but then I am apparently supposed to guess which meaning the originator was thinking of when they made it. True, a similar kind of interpretive process occurs with text, but I find it to be far less ambiguous.


What’s great about the sentence, “Come the fuck back here John,” is “the fuck” can be put before or after every word in that sentence and add nuance without ever losing the original meaning.

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I don’t understand… You don’t use Adblock and NoScript? Because ads aren’t a thing anymore when you use both of those together…


I interpreted the pictures as “how to get to the smoking section”.

I always get my safety instructions from

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I’d like to say that is the granddaddy of all of these, but there were surely others that came before. But I seem to recall this one in particular managed to annoy Homeland Security, so that counts for something.

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