Danger Mouse and Black Thought know the cheat codes to hip hop

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49, eh? A big year coming up, then, or so The Teacher tells us, at any rate:

…Rap is still an art, and no-one’s from the Old School
Cuz Rap is still a brand-new tool
I say no-one’s from the Old School cuz Rap on the whole
Isn’t even twenty years old
Fifty years down the line, you can start this
Cuz we’ll be the Old School artists
And even in that time, I’ll say a rhyme
A brand-new style, ruthless and wild
Runnin’ around spendin’ money, havin’ fun
Cuz even then, I’m still number one.

So next year we finally get to call refer to the works of KRS and his era (or those that came before them, I suppose) as ‘old school’? Fair enough. I think he deserves that accolade, after all this time.


I thought Dangermouse was more into punk
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I spent Saturday listening to Cheat Codes. Really digging it.
2 more from the album:


“It’s alright, Penfold, it’s just Anubis.”
“But he has clothes on.”


best known for Gnarls Barkley which is heavy on the singing, I love when DM does straight hip hop stuff. his album colab with Jemini is criminally slept-on.

@dnealy it’s not like you to not big-up DOOM here. just trying to see if we were paying attention?


Oh, I love DangerDoom. It was actually my intro to the emcee, but I was more focused on Black Thought in this piece. I feel like he’s criminally underrated as a wordsmith.

But, Danger Mouse is an absolute killer too.


yeah, the Roots’ gig on the Tonight Show puts them in a weird space especially for anyone too young to have known them prior, but BT has always been one of the best rappers alive.

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