Danny Kaye has a wide vibrato


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Is this the song with the vibrato or the ballad with the legato?



Only one can contain the tune that’s a boon.


The libretto with vibrato is the song that is wrong.


it’s 2018, can we please put an end to vibrato shaming?

I have one of his records because he does a great version of “I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts” on it (a song I first heard in Swedish via the film My Life As A Dog.) I don’t know the history of that song but to me, he owns it, at least the English-language version.


He also had a wide array of talents.


Serious response (from a musician who among other things edits vocal recordings and has been known to use Melodyne to tweak vibrato amplitude): his vibrato isn’t particularly wide, but it is remarkably slow and relaxed. By the way the speed of one’s vibrato is quite difficult to alter from its natural frequency. Most singers have never had to change their vibrato frequency; they think their speed is stuck.


That’s a pretty cheerful take on a fundamentally depressing song.

I think that’s the closest look I’ve ever had at Kaye’s hair. I’m jealous.


3:25 for the song


I would kill to watch a four-way fight scene with these two, plus Inigo Montoya and the Dread Pirate Roberts.


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