Music: "No Two People," Danny Kaye and Jane Wyman (1952)


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That really is lovely…and for me oddly timely. Just this morning someone asked me about my Third Doctor action figure, which naturally led to me talking about how as a young man Jon Pertwee would sometimes act as a double for Danny Kaye.

Years ago I attended a talk by Pertwee who said how frustrating it was wanting to be known as something other than Danny Kaye’s lookalike. And on one occasion it was even dangerous. Kaye was invited by a British group (I forget which) to come and speak, but couldn’t make it. Members of the group were outraged. They marched down a street chanting “Kill Danny Kaye!” And Jon Pertwee just happened to be coming in the opposite direction. One of the group members yelled “THERE HE IS!” and poor Pertwee had to run for his life.

I don’t know if Kaye ever knew about that, but if he did I’m sure he felt badly about it.


I visited Denmark many decades ago and was surprised to see Danny Kaye everywhere.


Also @SpunkyTWS

I just love Danny Kaye. Any time I am feeling out of sorts it is always a boon to remember his music, and performances. Everything from his early movies, to his variety show, to his work as a UN ambassador shows an incredible, incredible person.

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