Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt Kind bars - yummy and only 5g of sugar

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200 calorie per bar, fwiw…

Would something like this bring down the wrath of the nut police on you? We all know that there are those who believe nuts have Kryptonite-like powers that can strike down the sensitive even over great distances… like the distance from the rear of the cabin up to First Class.

More power to you… these look yummy.

We get these at our local Costco. Although they come in boxes of 18 with half the bars being the Madagascar Vanilla Almond flavor, which is pretty good, but not quite as good.

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Calories from nuts aren’t the empty calories you get from eating junk food.

Thanks for the advertising. It makes my reading experience ever so enjoyable.

You are welcome, Davelcorp! Thanks for supporting Boing Boing.

A calorie is a calorie if you’re counting them…

The number might be the same, but a calorie that gives you lasting energy is different than a calorie that makes you feel sluggish (and messes with your entire digestive process). One is much more likely to be worked off, for example.

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