WATCH: man with 20,000 calorie diet goes grocery shopping




I have the wrong job, obviously.


How does being fat make you stronger?


That guy has pretty small legs compared to the rest of him. Don’t skip leg day man.


you… really don’t understand muscles, do you?


I’m about 6 feet tall and about 200 pounds.

I bet his body fat as a percentage of his weight is lower than mine.



Well, carrying all that extra fat means you just get stronger and stronger the fatter you get, because you have to haul more and more weight. It’s basic biology.


… or fat:


Make no mistake, 700 lb. bench press is awesome.

But that isolated stat only speaks to upper-body strength.

How does this guy do at picking up Atlas Stones from the ground and setting them on pillars of increasing height?


His bench press wasn´t the point of posting the picture, but rather the fact that there´s a lot of muscle under the layer of fat on a powerlifter. Apart from that, this guy also squats 800 lbs and deadlifts 830.


Yeah, the folks that are saying he’s skipping leg day are being thrown off by his overall size - you can’t squat 800 without decent legs.


That being said, that many eggs? I bet this guy’s bathroom trips are brutal.


I understand he also works part-time at a school up north.


There, too, is where my mind immediately goes. 20,000 calories goes in. A fair amount of heat and sweat may go out, but some epic bowl-busting poops must occur as well. On the order of ten times the volume of my daily 2,000 calorie I/O.

Or I don’t know my thermodynamics.

(and I don’t)



In this case, that means “Too Much Imagination!”


What is he doing in a supermarket if he eats that much meat? Surely he could buy it cheaper and in more appropriate sizes if he went to a butcher or wholesale dealer.


This to the man who invented the SHITGO power generator!

Guilty as charged. :wink:


So, 15,000-20,000 calories a day, every day, and all the by-products of that enormous “diet” are being filtered through his liver and kidneys, then excreted out his backside. Great physical strength has never impressed me. Jocks? - pffft! Being able to afford that grocery bill, having healthy organs (?), crapping like an elephant every few hours, and a willingness to say on camera '“I’d hit that” regarding a 64 year old female customer who paid him a compliment, well… has the bar for he-manliness ever been higher?

The voice of restraint (his wife… hello?), eats a quarter of the calories he does, which puts her intake between 3750 and 5000 calories a day. What? I’m struggling to lose weight at 1500 calories a day and a lot of walking.

And another uncharitable thought that almost always (no, fuck it, ALWAYS) goes through my diseased brain when I see a guy that big (how ever strong) and he’s married, ‘Wife on top’. Oh sure, he can lift a small woman over his head repeatedly, but he’d crush his wife from the top during sex, so she rides. Nothing wrong with that if it pleasures them both. It’s just the irony, man.


Hey, some of us really like the wife-on-top position. Also, something tells me, he can hold plank position for much longer than needed.

Just because you’re* out of shape and crush your partner out of laziness doesn’t mean those guys do…

[*] Edit: or your out of shape partner… Hadn’t fully parsed your username.