Darn video tapes

Flickers, blurriness, etc. :wink:

We had the power go out briefly a few days ago. Some of my housemates were watching a movie in the living room. It took about five seconds after the power came on and I heard them watching it again. I walked over,

“Hey. how’d you find your place so quickly?”

“That’s the magic of video tape my friend. VHS never forgets your place!”



RIP, Blockbuster!

I just recently got rid of all my VHS tapes – not that I don’t mind change, but resent the cost of replenishing collections…

I have several large Rubbermaid tubs stashed underneath my house containing my wife’s late father’s extensive VHS collection. Somehow I just can’t quite bear to throw them out, though I can’t imagine watching them either. Working in TV and spending much of my workdays watching my show in 4:4:4 on surprisingly expensive monitors makes it extra-hard to enjoy watching anything in standard-def, let alone on VHS. (shudder)

Man, talk about a first-world problem.

That said, I dug out our old 16mm projector on Friday, since someone at work had found a print of the 1944 version of Girl in the Case. We could only watch ten minutes or so of it since we didn’t have a take-up reel big enough to hold all of the first reel, and what we saw of the movie was perfectly awful, but it was pretty fun nonetheless. Just successfully threading up the film and discovering the sound bulb wasn’t burnt out after all were small triumphs that made the overall effort worthwhile.

I felt the same way and held on to them without ever watching them until I renovated the house and had no room for them! :frowning:

Part of me thinks maybe we should give them to one of the many convalescent homes in our neighborhood, but then I start to think that no convalescent home should have to put up with storing (let alone watching) somebody’s tired old VHS movie collection, no matter how classic the titles.

And I don’t really wanna add them to any landfill’s problems either. I figure since our house has stood for 105 years so far, these tubs can occupy our crawlspace for another century or more rather than bedevil other people.

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