Data and Picard: Star Trek megamix medley


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I’d like to know that Jean-Luc Picard.


Sounds a bit French.



I really like some of Pogo’s material but in this case it seems he ripped off the idea (down to the selection of audio clips) from Dark Materia’s “The Picard Song”.


Agreed, this seems like just another remix of the Picard Song, which is a classic.
It’s a good remix, you just can’t beat the original though.


I’m almost done rewatching the series again for the 5,734th time. I think I got them:

Allegiance (season 3)
Birthright, Part II (season 6)
In Theory (season 4)
Ménage à Troi (season 3)
Brothers (season 4)
Timescape (season 6)


I preferred this to the picard song, it just… incorporated more. Ya get me? I loved it.


The Trump song made me think of this, which I believe I actually purchased on “cassingle”…


No Gilbert & Sullivan?

I am disappoint.


To me he looks a bit like a young Q (especially the dance scenes in the transporter room).


It’s similar, but Pogo’s done a whole heap of these remix songs in the same style before getting around to Star Trek.
If you’re going to do a Picard remix there are particular lines that is makes sense to include, like any time he sings or recites a poem, but I’d agree that Dark Materia had a better selection.

Here’s one for the Data fans: The Positronic Pimp (Futuristic Sex Robotz)


Is the guy lip syncing pogo himself? I gotta say his data mannerisms are spot on. Plus homemade bluescreen* is astonishing! :open_mouth:



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