Daughters Turn Against Racist Newspaperman Dad

The co-owners of a family-run newspaper resigned Wednesday after their father — the paper’s publisher — ran a tone-deaf and racially inflammatory cartoon. Susan Miller and Jeanne Miller Wood apologized to Washington Missourian readers Wednesday for the offensive image in that day’s paper, which showed a black man stealing a white woman’s purse and mocking “Good luck with that, lady… we defunded the police” when she shouts for someone to call 911.


Yup, just as horrible as described.

Looks to be a pattern this week in Missourian newspapers.


I notice that the mugger is clearly wearing a respirator too, while the woman is not. Fun times with that rise in cases with the US reopening.

Gary McCoy, the cartoonist has a whole load more that are all just as offensive… https://www.cagle.com/author/gary-mccoy/

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