Elecia Dexter on replacing editor who endorsed the KKK: ‘I was in shock’

If I was her, I’d be working on a screenplay about how a magical woman convinces an old white guy to be slightly less full racist, because white Hollywood would eat it up.

What a situation. I hope she does great.


AFAIK, racism is not a symptom of senility. Dude just decided to show the world who he really is.


Racism is not, but disinhibition may be. Not diagnosing, just pointing out. And, as I think about it, that is pretty much the same as “showing who you really are.”


I had the exact same thought, but I trust it coming more from a medical professional such as yourself than my own inexpert musings.


It’s not surprising that a small town newspaper editor has a lot of racist ideas.

If he had a stroke, that could mess with his judgment (or not).

But if it’s a string of editorials that are written considered and published over time, it’s not like Tourette’s. And the fact that the community didn’t complain about him earlier, means they weren’t reading what he wrote, or didn’t mind.


Update: Working for a “contrite” racist turns out to be a bad idea.


So Sutton wanted a figurehead to polish his irreparably damaged credibility but not give her the actual power to do the job. I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!


I didn’t think he was going to step away from daddy’s newspaper that easily.


He didn’t just meddle behind the scenes, either. He sent out fake versions of the paper to press outlets, doubling down on his KKK praise.

Sutton, she said, sent out an altered version of the February 28 issue to various media outlets that included a prominent story defending his Klan editorial and attacking the Montgomery Advertiser reporter who interviewed him. Dexter said she had to put out a press release calling the issue a falsification created without her authorization.


The old saying about leopards and spots comes to mind. Racist assholes gonna asshole. Not wanting to get into his thought process shudder but why appoint a black woman? Did he think she would be easy to manipulate, or be more passive? Nope, don’t want to get in there at all. Leave it at “WHAT an asshole” and move on.

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