David Byrne's HERE LIES LOVE NYC benefit last night

Just thought this should be a boing boing post, given the staff’s love for Mr. Byrne, but last night at Terminal 5 in NYC he presented a special benefit concert version of his new Imelda Marcos musical, Here Lies Love. It was a wonderful thing. The songs are great- they bear the distinctive Byrne trademark, but were arranged and performed by Fatboy Slim, so there is an uber-catchy electronic dance vibe which mirrors the lively spirit of the Philippines and underscores the main theme of the musical. The performers, mostly young Filipinos, were vibrant, alive, and clearly excited about the event. It’s like a big 90-minute dance party, really, with a narrative woven into it- but the best part was the $100k raised that goes straight to the Doctors Without Borders relief effort.

David was on the verge of tears all night, it seemed, and the closing number, God Draws Straight (which he himself performed) ranks right up there with almost anything he’s ever written. It was a wonderful thing to be a part of, and a testament to Byrne as both artist and active contributing member of society. I hope they do this again.

If anyone has pictures, post them here!

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