David Cameron announces a new age of intolerance


Careful what you are asking for. You may end up having to obey, even if what you wanted originally changes towards something you wouldn’t want, because the enforcement apparatus will be in place by then.


We could keep it all on Rockall, safely away from everyone

Seriously though, I will not accept anything that is heading towards fascism while I am alive.


I hate both vi and emacs so its a good thing that I don’t live in the UK. I could be in serious trouble.


Me? I doubt that anachists will benefit from this law, even if they are pacifists.


Or Trade Unions, or Anti Austerity campaigners.


Given the years of crazy-sketchy police surveillance and harassment of even the deeply unscary ones, that’s unfortunately not much of a surprise.


What I don’t understand about that situation is why nobody ever seems to ask them that question. “So, as you’ve said, contemporary secularism and the west generally aren’t really your cup of tea. However, despite loads of alternatives, many with attractively low costs of living and already implemented sharia and so on, here you are enduring the dystopia of the infidel. What’s the deal?”


SolFed will have some problems then.


DDoS them. Submit an application prior to every post to an online forum. Follow up with daily enquiries into the status of the applications. And of course, you’re just trying to comply with the law requiring advance clearance of publications to social media. I bet you could line up a million unemployed Whigs behind this plan without even trying hard.


I doubt that 2/5ths of the LibDem’s 2,415,888 voters are unemployed. On the other hand, over 4/5ths of the 2010 LibDem MPs are, which is why the Conservatives are doing this now rather than at any point in the last five years.


He’s punishing the electorate for getting rid of the Liberal Democrats? I have heard it said that Cameron is a member of Conservative’s Liberal Wing…


Hyperbole, my learned friend.

Or replace ‘Whigs’ with ‘supporters of the loyal opposition.’


The ‘loyal opposition’ are Labour who have repeatedly shown themselves to be just as bad. I don’t expect the Scottish Nationalist Party to be good on these issues too.

Sorry for being disillusioned, but the only significant social-libertarian parties in the UK are the Green Party and the LibDems for a total of roughly 3.5 million voters and 9 MPs.

[deleted because I didn’t initially notice the comment about hyperbole, also dyslexia]

It is vital we find the 3 million ex-LibDem voters who didn’t vote Green. They are the support we need to reach out to.


In America, the Wilson administration imprisoned Mennonites, as well as anarchists, for opposing the war.


Britain already does have a dose of fascism which they’ve never got rid of: the tory alliance of capital with racism as the populist sauce to sell it to people who will actually suffer under their yoke.

They also have traditionally not stood up for free speech, trials before imprisonment, fair trials, or not torturing people if you were a member of a despised ethnic identity - back in the day that was Irish, now it’s muslims.

All those English people who didn’t vote Labour because you wanted a vote on leaving the EU? You’re in for a nasty surprise. There will be an exit option. You will be able to leave the EU including all its worker and women’s rights and health protection. You just won’t be able to leave all the anti-democratic onerous trade agreements. The kind of thing that has your tabloids going on about bonkers European regulations won’t allow me have bent bananas.

Also: getting rid of your human rights act, and indeed leaving the EU, will not stop you being subject to the European Convention of Human Rights and having the European Court of Human Rights available as a court of last instance. So all the rights in the Human Rights Act will still exist, just not under your own sovereignty but under the aegis of a supranational body. Take that Torygraph with your silly ill-informed articles!



Oh darn, I see you’ve started without me.


Fascism has an enduring appeal for people of small mind whose decision making processes are dominated by fear of change.


I’ve spent the last few (seven) years lamenting how the Irish people have been small minded, stupid, and played by a neoliberal media orthodoxy into blaming public services pay and spending for… fucked if I understand what exactly, but it’s the ONE THING that they seem to agree on.

It’s time to turn with relief and exasperation on the English public who have managed to swallow their neoliberal press and toed the line. Somehow Dave has managed to be portrayed, and accepted, as something other than the actual stupidest human being to have lurched from a long boozy lunch with his public school chums into high public office. The guy makes Bush look like an autodidact polymath. And somehow the grotesque stupidity of “austerity” AKA throwing away all that was good about and that our ancestors fought for in the West.

Just read this by the way http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sally-Heathcote-Suffragette-Mary-Talbot/dp/0224097865/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1431613755&sr=1-1&keywords=sally+heathcote+suffragette and we all should. It reminds us that resistance to this kind of autocracy requires courage. They will not respond to moral arguments as they don’t care about right and wrong. The wealthy elite are sociopaths akin to career criminals who play the law as a game: if they get away with it, they’re innocent, sure somebody else is doing something worse anyway, and if they didn’t do it somebody else would.


A mere :heart: was insufficient to express my admiration for that turn of phrase.



Reading notes on nationalism now.