David Gerrold's Doctor Who versus Star Trek comic


Why would tribbles be a problem for Daleks?

All the Daleks need to do is set off enough bombs, the tribbles can’t stop than, and then they will have no more Tribbles!

The big question is, would the daleks’ feedstock be compatible with tribble biology? If so, a couple of tribbles suitably spread around could definitely make things difficult for them.

I wouldn’t expect the Doctor to put the cute, innocent little furrballs into the sights of the daleks like that, but under the right conditions they’d be darned difficult to exterminate.

On that note, how about a Doctor Who/Dr. Strangelove crossover where the former doctor has the keep the Daleks and the humans from Skaroforming Earth?

I’m curious how this works in-universe, since characters from Doctor Who have referenced Star Trek at least a couple times.

And the Borg are based on the Cybermen, down to assimilation, though depending on the version of continuity, the Cybermen don’t all have one origin.

It’s happened both ways. Who and Trek have influenced each other.

I do know that there is a quick moment in TNG, where the computer on the Enterprise actually lists out all of the actors who played the Doctor in the database. Can’t remember what episode though…

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So this is another take on the Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover.

It’s been done with 11+ Amy/Rory visiting Next Gen Trek with cybermen/borg involvement.
Spoiler - it’s revealed that Doc #4 visited Kirk in the past.

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