The Trouble With Tribbles: Classic Star Trek in LOLtrek GIF form




I has reading too slow… :’(


“We’re in ur NCC-1701 charmin’ your wimmin”


Aside: I think the internet needs to adopt a mandatory “play button requirement” for GIFs. I get dizzy when I see these things rolling around on a page. They’re the modern equivalent of flashing/scrolling text of the 90’s and they will be held in the same level of scorn.

UPDATE: I just discovered chrome extension GIF Jam - stops pesky GIFs cold. Not ideal, since I’d still like the option to play when I want to, but at least I don’t have to watch them now.


Soooo delightfulleee LOL that my cheezeyz-burgherz came out my noze ~
( ouch !! )

        much reference
                                  so geek
many pixels


The surprise ending puts it over the top.


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