David Icke - Dogwhistle or cray-cray?

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Getting a bit OT. :smile:

Well, Camus just became a philosopher - Icke is the Son of God :slight_smile:

It’s hard to get across how weird his whole career arc is these days since a lot of people only know him as ‘that lizard people guy’.

He was a major household figure in sports journalism. Then he went all New Age-y and then he went off the deep end into full-on woo territory.


Yeah, sorry. I thought it was wandering a bit too :wink: I can remember the incredulity when he first started expounded his world vision on day time, mainstream TV. I don’t think it was entirely in a vacuum, as I seem to remember the Natural Law Party was active around the same time.

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You’re right there was a lot of that stuff at the time.

The Natural Law Party brings back some memories of people trying to bring about world peace through Yogic flying?

Checks… Yup - turns out they’re still around :slight_smile:

Natural Law Party - Wikipedia


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