David Lynch's Return of the Jedi


Mulholland Hyperdrive


Also submitted for your consideration: Inland Empire Strikes Back and Blue Velvet Harvest.

Tatooine Peaks.


Didn’t want to use the prequels, but what the hell.


Then there’s The Elephant Ma… nahh, too easy.

Wild AT-AT Heart?

At Vader’s funeral pyre, everyone is standing around smiling and laughing and pretending not to notice the overwhelming stench of burning plastic. Luke just showed up toting the corpse of the most feared man in the galaxy, declared that it’s actually his Dad, and set it on fire. Frankly, everyone is being very careful not to upset him.


Been there, Done that: Dune (1984). Sure the FX are dated. Still, it’s the epic struggle between nice, honest people and an unimaginably really bad guy. Directed by David Lynch.

I actually kind of liked that movie, but I seem to be the only one in this reality who did…

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